Food Log: April 17th, 2011



I thought what might help me eat better is if I start a log of the foods and drinks that I consume. But then I thought of an idea that was even more exciting. I thought, “well hell! Why not just put it online for people to see too”. I might as well log my food and have people be a witness to my eating habits at the same time. I’ll post these right after I have my first meal and update through out the day as I consume the foods and drinks.



One Banana

One Apple

One Egg.


Sandwich: One slice of HamRaw onion,Two slices of Tomato, Mustard, Red Pepper, Romain Lettuce.

Side: Ten tortila Chips, with home made salsa, 5 Raw Brocoli.

Vitamins: D, C, Vitamins for Hair, Skin, Nails. Women’s Once a day, Fish oil and Super B.




Mash Potatoes


60 oz of water.

16 oz of green tea, spoon full of honey.


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