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Long Computer work days.


Sometimes its really hard to deal with starring at a computer all day long as you work on projects. Ive found that a great way for me to keep focused and loose is to do my morning workout like normal but then, instead of showering and getting to work I stay in my workout clothes and get to work. Why am I doing this?

Well, because after an hour of work im going to get up and do 15 minutes of stretches on my yoga mat behind my desk chair. Then, i’ll go back to work for an hour, then again do a 15 minute exercise, maybe this time push ups or crunches or maybe I’ll do yoga.

I’ll continue this pattern until im done working. I’ve found that I actually stay focused more and become a lot more productive with this method.

Keeping your body loose is the most important, stretching out your body should be done through out the day no matter what, but especially when you are sitting at a computer for most of the day.